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How Chatbots Can Benefit Your Customer Service Efforts

28 August 2019
3 minute read

Alex Woods

Artificial intelligence has had a huge impact on businesses around the globe. From this wave of development, the chatbot has well and truly entered the mainstream, transforming the way that businesses approach customer service.


What are chatbots?

Chatbots are a type of software that are set up to act as a virtual assistants across websites, applications and social channels, usually engaging with customers via live chat. They can be programmed to receive messages and provide responses to customers, giving them help where needed. These responses can be automated or use machine learning methods to tailor answers based on keywords and data. These days, modern software enables businesses of any size to easily implement chatbots for as little as £10 a month!

Plus, statistics show that 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly, highlighting how the needs and demands of customers are leaning more towards instantaneous customer service.

With this in mind, here’s how chatbots can benefit your customer service efforts:

Save money

Installing chatbots can help save money in lots of ways, and according to statistics can save businesses up to 30% in customer support services. Businesses can use chatbots to tackle simple queries, therefore freeing up their customer service agents to work on more complex matters and issues. This helps to cut the amount of resource needed and means that business owners can automate straightforward tasks, without having to worry about paying an hourly rate or overtime for it!

Be available 24/7

Another great feature from chatbots is the ability to be available 24/7. Since customers have been able to shop outside of business hours online, they have naturally come to expect a similar on-demand experience with the customer service that they receive. As chatbots are able to operate continuously (without any breaks or downtime) customers can get instantaneous answers to any questions they may have, no matter the day or time. Plus, if customers know that they can get assistance around the clock, they could be more willing to return!

Deliver a more personalised service

As chatbots continue to develop, they are also getting better at offering personalised services. For example, they are able to pull up customer history and remember customer preferences for returning visitors, making the whole experience a lot more tailored and relevant. They can also be programmed to use customers’ first names and give recommendations based on what similar customers found useful. So, what a chatbot lacks in human interaction, it makes up for in the ability to leverage customer data.

Deliver a more efficient service

When it comes to efficiency, chatbots have it covered. They are able to work on a number of tasks simultaneously, dealing with thousands of customers if necessary, taking the time and effort out of dull and repetitive tasks. For queries, chatots use processes to analyse customers’ questions and deliver accurate responses that meet the customers’ needs, in a matter of seconds. This is especially important as research has shown that after logging a query, customers expect a response between 0-4 hours but in reality tend to get a response after 10 hours.

Streamline the customer journey

One of the things that businesses strive to achieve is a streamlined customer journey. After all, the smoother it is, the more likely your customer is to purchase. For example, when a customer lands on a site or application, they might not immediately be able to find what they’re looking for, or they may have questions about delivery, payment options, product details etc. This is when a chatbot can step in and provide quick responses to these questions. They can also present customers with the products they were looking for, help pages and even discount codes. This can therefore eliminate any blockers in the purchasing journey and help close that sale!

So now you know how chatbots can help benefit customer service, why not see what they can do for your business?


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