From cart to buy: 4 must-dos for online checkout completion

Some off-the-shelf eCommerce solutions have analytics that show you where customers abandon their shopping cart or you can use your Google analytics’ visitor flow tool to get a much better understanding of how a customer moves around your website. Most of the time, shipping cart abandonment occurs because customers learn about extra charges or the actual process of arriving at the checkout has too many steps. Here’s how to minimise shopping cart abandonment in your online store. 

1. Be up-front about delivery costs 

People dislike surprises especially when they’ve already made a decision to commit to a certain spend. Delivery is important in online sales, get it right and your conversion rate will sky rocket. These are the minimum requirements: 

  • Try to make your delivery a flat rate regardless of order size.
  • Offer a free delivery option for larger spends if possible.
  • Click and collect options work well for national chains and local stores.
  • Offer express delivery options.

 2. Use the Three Click Rule 

Try to limit the number of clicks a customer needs to make to make it to the payment process at the checkout. You can lose customers if they need to register on your site as a customer. You can still collect an email in the sales process, but make sure it’s not a requirement. The fear of a barrage of emails can deter people from a relationship with your business. They’ve already decided to be a customer so don’t demand anything more. 

3. Offer Many Payment Options

Facilitating your customer’s needs should be your number one priority and the payment method is a critical need for some people. Some people will only pay with a credit card online because they have added protection and a method ofredress if they are not happy with the sale. Other customers prefer PayPal for exactly the same reason. 

Credit cards and PayPal are the bare minimum, but it’s a good idea to align yourself with the giant of online shopping Amazon. Allow your customers to checkout with Amazon and you instantly add credibility to your online store. You can sign up for Amazon Checkout by clicking here. 

Finally, offer a call back service to take payment and process orders because some customers like to speak to someone to confirm the website is active and they can rely on your promise to deliver. Also, make sure your main phone line is situated next to a computer with your site on display to process orders from callers. This is common sense, but you would be surprised how many small businesses have an order system for phone sales, but leave the call handler unable to see what the customer can see. 

4. Provide a Secure Environment 

All the payment methods mentioned already have a secure environment, but some customers look for ‘https://’ in your URL before they enter their personal information so an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is required. 123Reg and GoDaddy provide options that do the job well at a fraction of the cost of some providers. GoDaddy’s Premium SSL is probably the better option in terms of optimising your conversion process because users will have green bar in their browser that drives home the fact that it’s a secure environment. It may seem small, but so many buyer beware guides tell shoppers to look for these features that it’s really important to have SSL. 

Finally, make sure customers can find your products easily. Categorise them properly and think how you like to shop. Take a leaf out of Amazon, eBay and’s book and see how they categorise everything into as many sub-sections as possible provide thorough descriptions because people hate guess work. 

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