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How to Capitalise on the Halloween Market

28 October 2019
4 minute read

Simon Jenner

Dark clouds are looming, cold winds are blowing... Something wicked this way comes. October has returned, and with it, the spooky season. Yes, we’re on the cusp of Halloween, the holiday which pits every child (and parent) to dress up in scary attire and visit their neighbouring houses in order to receive a treat or perform a trick. A merchant’s dream for all those who deal in confectionary, costumes and pumpkin farming to name just a few.

But it isn’t solely those sectors who can make the most out of this holiday, as simply getting into the eerie groove of the season can be a sure-fire for any and all SME’s to capitalise on the event. 
As the second most popular calendar event in the west, Halloween expenditure has grown considerably for SMEs over the past decade. To give an example, UK consumer spending for Halloween products almost doubled since 2013, and as of 2018 sits at a comfortable 419 million British pounds. A number which is only set to grow from here on out.  
This is why this week; we’re giving you some of the best advise as to how best to capitalise on the Halloween market. Divulging into the best ways of scoring some scarily good sales in the spookiest of seasons. 
Dress to Impress (or to Scare) 
As per the aforementioned traditions of the hallowed holiday, it’s certainly a great idea to get into costume and flaunt some spookiness, as well as your wares, on and around the event. Dress up in ghoulish attire and decorate your shop or office with Halloween paraphernalia. Show that you’re in tune with the season and willing to have a little fun, even while at work.  
Additionally, if you’re in the market of household items, offering interior design services at Halloween is a great way to cater to the business market, while making and selling original themed decorations will also attract individual customers looking for that spooky niche. 
Deals Deals Deals 
If you’re in retail, use the spooky décor to integrate some scarily great deals and entice customers to check out your Halloween section. This is a perfect opportunity to get more footfall and clients by creeping into that niche. Create fun, Halloween-themed banners to put a smile on your customers’ faces, a skip in their step and hopefully a spooky item in their shopping trolleys.  
Integrate this with a newfound card payment system and save time, money and customer retention. Make it easier to pay and increase the number of customers willing to buy your goods, while decreasing the amount of time spent at the point of sale at the same time!  
Halloween Events 
Utilize this time to have some fun with your staff and put on a Halloween costume competition. Thereby, raising company morale instead of raising the dead. Do this with customers in-store, offering prizes for the best costumes in the form of discounts and vouchers, and voila! That’s 
increased footfall, local incentive to browse/purchase your wares and potential customer retention. Not to mention the word of mouth that would spread from such an event! 
Social Media 
A certain and easy way to maintain transparency of all of the above, is to use social media to its foremost exploitation; AWARENESS. Keep your customers in check with whatever you’re planning for Halloween, reach out to a new audience with hashtags and buzzwords, and keep atop with any marketing trends of the period (e.g. spooky jokes, scary stories and horror movies etc.).  
Whether it’s to advertise deals, announce events, or to conduct a spooky, customer servey; by maintaining a spooky-centric social media schedule, you keep people in the know, while shedding light on what makes your company unique around this time of year. 
Access finance 
If in financial need to implement any of the above methods. Then don’t hesitate to contact Liberis Finance, where we offer a fantastic cash advance, which is only paid back via an agreed percentage of your customer credit and debit card takings - perfectly mirroring your business’ cash flow. Now, that’s a scarily good offer! 

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