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How to Get More Engagement on Social Media

02 September 2019
3 minute read

Simon Jenner

In recent years, social media marketing has become vital in ecommerce and general merchantry. So much so, that to ignore it would be detrimental to the future of your business. With 83% of the UK’s adult population in 2018 now tweeting, ‘gramming, snapping and liking on one or more channels, and only 60% of businesses using social media, now is the time to get online and ride that wave of potential before it’s too late. 
The key to social media, however, isn’t solely through cute cat pictures and fancy graphics but through consistent, positive engagement – inciting users to revisit your profiles and pages in order to cement potential sales of your goods/services. So, here’s three tips to help educate you in how to keep social engagement high, while staying relevant!

SEO is the Way to Go!
The search industry is always on the lookout for how best to get potential customers visiting your social media pages. With keyword tools such as Google Keyword Planner and SECockpit that are great at finding the best buzzwords to keep your content relevant and discoverable (hashtags are key in this sense)!
Yet, nowadays it’s less about stuffing your posts with keywords and instead about creating more mature, approachable content that relates directly to your customer’s wants and desires. Understand what your audience is looking for through data collection. Tools such as interviews, surveys and questionnaires, emails and case studies are all great ways to interact with your audience and find out what truly makes them tick! Use this data to produce social media content that organically attracts SEO links, gives people exactly what they’re looking for and climbs the search engine ladder with ease.
Creative Optimization
Consistency is key in keeping your social media engagement voluminous and continuous. Therefore, it’s essential that your various social media platforms are consistent with your website as an easy way to rank and dominate the search engine results pages. This pertains to images also as a large attribute to social media endeavours. Keep your images in check! Make sure they’re inspiring, akin in design and colour to your brand logo, that they are correctly formatted to the relevant social media and that the file name is itself a keyword. That way by searching for specific images, a user might come across your Twitter mantle inadvertently. That’s an organic impression right there for anyone who understands social media lingo!
Be Active
Finally, an obvious but utterly concrete approach to keeping your social media engagement strong is by being ACTIVE. Create polls to actively engage your audience and get people talking. Promote contests, events, giveaways to get your audience liking, sharing or even adding to your sphere of content! Set up a content creation competition. Get your followers to design gifs, articles, artwork – the one that gets the most likes and shares, wins a free gift. Offer discounts to the runners up. Heck, offer discounts to everyone who likes and shares your content! Ergo, raising awareness about your brand through positive engagement!
The bottom line... People like free stuff and to feel like they are a part of something. So, blend the two together and that’s an expansive reach, customer retention and more engagement!

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