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A Message From Our CEO

27 March 2020
3 minute read

Rob Straathof

The Government’s plan to combat Covid-19 has had a profound impact on daily life and is evolving quickly. Our primary concern is to keep our employees and customers safe, as we realise it is a challenging and uncertain time, particularly for small business owners. I want to reassure you that Liberis is doing everything in our power to help small businesses mitigate the economic impact on their business. 

Revenues across the various sectors such as hospitality, bars and restaurants are down significantly already, and with many businesses ordered to close by the Government, this will drop further. The good news is that the Government has announced wide-ranging financial support to help small businesses through this difficult period including cash grants, cuts to business rates, postponement of taxes and PAYE, as well as offering the ability to furlough employees at 80% of salary up to £2,500.  

However, more can be done and if corporates and Government work together, we can significantly amplify and widen the support available for small businesses.  

We are committed to using our position as a trusted finance provider to help the small business community in any way that we can. Whether it’s managing cashflow or paying rent during this challenging period, access to finance is critical for small businesses right now but we know this can also come with concerns about increasing debt. One of the best ways that Liberis can help is by providing finance that is paid by the small business when their customers pay them. This makes it ideal for the thousands of small businesses currently facing unpredictable revenue streams and I’m proud to say that we remain open for business and here to help.  

Of course, as a society, we can also do more. Whether it’s shopping small and sustainably, postponing outings rather than cancelling or buying gift cards, we can all play our part in helping the small businesses that power our economy. 

Our incentives are closely aligned with small businesses and we are currently looking at how we can support the distribution of Government grants to offer the payment flexibility that so many small businesses are asking for.  

We will continue to use our position responsibly and we look forward to helping small businesses around the world see through this unprecedented time. 

Stay safe and healthy. 


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