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7 Top Tips for Repeat Hotel Room Bookings

14 March 2014
3 minutes read

Adam Little

“The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.” - George Bernard Shaw, Co-founder of the London School of Economics 

See below for our top tips on how to secure repeat bookings.

The Hotel Essentials

1. Location

LocationFew seaside hotels attract large numbers of business travellers, but it could work well for you if there are not many offering conference facilities in the local area. Brighton has a great tradition as a holiday destination, but the Grand Hotel has succeeded in forging a reputation as a good conference venue. Play to your strengths, but consider market saturation and ask yourself if your location really needs another B&B or is there a market for something different?

2. Customer Focus

When you know the kind of customers you want to attract, for your location, concentrate your marketing efforts to appeal to the correct market and create your brand identity. Even small B&Bs need to let customers know what they can expect when they walk through the door. You may offer different services and have a change of marketing if you expect construction workers who work away from home to stay for many weeks at a time, compared to customers that arrive on a family weekend break.

3. Room

Regardless of your customer, you need to provide the great facilities expected from a hotel or B&B. These could include Wi-Fi and refreshments. Comfort and cleanliness should be bywords. Room service, concierge services and anything that is above and beyond the usual are what sets great hotels apart from the crowd. If your location is highly competitive, you can increase occupancy by introducing extra services and marketing the benefits for a few months to see what ROI you achieve.

4. Food

beerThe room service menu is sometimes as important as the restaurant, but it’s the breakfast that sells many hotels and encourages people to return. You may depend on a lunchtime menu if you have a passing trade, but think about using your kitchens as much as possible to suit your customers. Catering for conferences is a great way to take break-even events and make a great profit.

5. Staff

Every member of staff is an important representative of your hotel. From the housekeeping through to maintenance employees so invest time, money or both into their customer service training if you want to leave lasting impressions on guests. Invest in uniforms and wear one yourself unless you are not allowing people to realise it’s your ship and you are at the helm.

6. Facilities

We may have touched on conference facilities, but there is much more involved than offering a room with seating. PA systems and whiteboards or projection equipment could make your facility appeal more than a competitor’s venue. A gym, ticket booking service and anything facility that is relevant to your target market will give customers buying reasons and encourage them to stay at your hotel.

7. Incentives

Loyalty schemes are great and marketing them to corporate customers ensures many repeat visits, especially if your customers conduct business near your location. Incentives can mean something else to another market sector. Offering discounts for large groups or to coach companies will increase your occupancy rate. If you are not already active in business development, you need to start picking up the phone and stop relying on your signage to attract guests.

8. Make the Impression Last

ImpressionsCustomer experience is most critical, but merchandise can help too. You will never please every customer, that’s just as fact of life, but brand everything from soap to pens and visitors will associate your hotel with the location next time they visit. Especially if they have something to help them remember you. People will often rebook the same hotel even if they believed yours to be average because it’s a case of better the devil you know, but always look to improve and add value rather than head in the other direction and you will win over those sitting on the fence.

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