Is your business ready for the Rugby World Cup?

It’s expected that, during the 44 days of the tournament, nearly half a million rugby lovers from all over the world will be joining domestic supporters to soak up the atmosphere.

There are 48 matches in 13 venues, across 11 host cities throughout the country including Leeds, Cardiff and Manchester; with the Final being held at the home of English rugby, Twickenham, on the 31st October.

Click here for the full list of world cup locations. 

That’s a big bonus for hotels, restaurants and B&B’s near the venue areas, as well as pubs & bars. Are you getting prepared to win as much custom as you can from this great sporting event? Here are some of our tips on how to score a try for your business this rugby season:

1. Rugby doesn’t just start with the World Cup

There are lots of rugby events between now and September in the build-up, including a host of Rugby Union friendlies . August will also see the Rugby League Challenge Cup semi-finals and final. Start showing your local patrons that you’re the ‘go to Rugby venue’ by getting involved earlier than your competitors and showing these events.

2. Not everyone understands Rugby

so make it inclusive! For someone who doesn’t watch Rugby that much, the rules might be a little complicated.

This season expect to hear whispered questions of “Why is he always throwing the ball backwards..?”, and “What does a giant metal ‘H’ have to do with anything..?”

Your Rugby loving patrons might understand the sport, but you want them to bring their friends, families and loved ones too. Create handy little take-aways that help explain the rules of the sport and make every one of your patrons feel included.

3. Make it fun

Give them another reason to come back! For anyone that fancies themselves as a rugby expert, challenge them to prove it! Start a Rugby Fantasy League for your local aficionado’s, a healthy bit of competition will drive them into your venue to gloat (or commiserate) their team’s performance – plus it can drive more interest in the games not featuring their team.

For those who aren’t as clued up on the technicalities of the sport a sweepstake can be just as exciting (and perhaps a little easier to manage if you aren’t a rugby guru yourself).

4. Get your kit ready

Picture this – you’ve nipped down your local to see your beloved National Rugby team play, and you’re stuck behind Bruce…the 6,4” town giant and you can’t see a thing. You have to rely on the cheers from others who have been lucky enough to nab a coveted spot in front of the screen to work out if your nation has scored. What a let-down!

Rugby World Cup Outdoor Bar

No one wants to have to strain to see the screen when they’re paying a bar bill for the pleasure. Make sure you’ve got plenty of screen’s set up and ample seating so seeing over heads isn’t a problem. Projectors make a wall into a TV in seconds and can make a real difference in your venue being the place to go.

5. Know what’s going on, and publicise it.

Not everyone will have the World Cup Fixture dates heavily pencilled into their diaries. Make sure you promote the key events (especially for the Nations your patrons will be really interested in) to help drive people into your pub or bar on those all-important match days.


Find the 2015 World Cup fixture dates here




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