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Get Started: Where to gather customer reviews

08 March 2019
4 minutes read

Don't shy away from online tools! Embrace them, share them, and make sure to integrate them within your company’s brand awareness and customer service strategy. To help you get started, this week we’ve explored just a few of our favourite online review platforms:

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Card Payment Machines for Small Businesses

09 December 2019
3 minute read

Card payment machines have revolutionised the financial disposition of the UK. Whether to increase accessibility, ease of payment, or to reduce carbon emissions - it’s all in the use of cashless payment systems, and it’s all for the betterment of your business!

Planning the Perfect Christmas Party for Your Employees

02 December 2019
4 minute read

Organising a Christmas party can prove stressful, especially when you’re trying to cater for everyone. Whether you’re planning a huge event or a more intimate affair, we have a few tips to help get you started:

Five Ways to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

25 November 2019
4 minute read

Consumers nowadays have a multitude of avenues to take when deciding upon products or services to purchase. With the advent of the internet and the propagation of social media, it’s become easy for budding buyers to search, research and locate the best businesses to fulfill their needs. Making each and every sale a personalised experience for that particular customer.

Growing your business

How to Buy More Environmentally Friendly Stock and Produce

18 November 2019
4 minute read

As we all become increasingly aware of environmental changes, we’ve seen both businesses and consumers taking small steps towards a more sustainable future. Now, more than ever, business owners need to keep up with their competitors and adapt to the demand of more environmentally conscious consumers. 

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Christmas Markets and Pop-ups for your Business

11 November 2019
3 minute read

November has come and with it, the run up to Christmas. As the year's most profitable and downright, competitive calendar event, it's a great time for SMEs to create festive pop-up stalls in order to benefit from the season's surplus customers and sales opportunities.

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Growing your business

Preparing Your Small Business for the Winter Season

04 November 2019
3 minute read

It could be said that winter is the most magical time of year, but for a lot of business owners, this is often when they feel the most pressure. However, with a little careful planning you can make sure that your small business runs smoothly throughout the winter months and avoid any seasonal disasters!