Liberis Authorised Signatories

  • Contractual obligation

    Liberis will only be bound by contractual obligations where the contract is validly executed.

  • Liberis Procurement Approval Process

    All contracts for goods and services must go through the Liberis Procurement Approval Process.

  • Liberis’ designated authorised signatories

    Only Liberis’ designated authorised signatories can validly bind the Company. A list of these signatories by functional position can be found below. Any contract that is not signed in accordance with the this information will not create legally binding obligations on Liberis.

Liberis' Authorised Signatories

Function Signatory
NDAs Liberis Ltd: Head of Legal; CCO; CFO; or CEO
Strategic Partners  All contracts: CCO; CFO; or CEO 
Brokers  All contracts: CCO; CFO; or CEO 
  Standard Liberis Template: Head of Brokers and Affiliates; CCO; CFO; or CEO 
  Non-Standard Contract*: CCO; CFO; or CEO
  *must have Legal sign-off before being executed 
Finance Up to £50k: Head of Commercial Finance or CFO 
  More than £50k: CFO or CEO
Operations Up to £50k: Commercial Director; Operations Director; UK GM; CFO
  More than £50k: UK GM; CFO; CEO 
Marketing Up to £50k: Director of Marketing or UK GM
  More than £50k: UK GM or CFO or CEO
Data Up to £50k: Head of Data Science; CRO; CFO; or CEO
  Over £50k: CRO; CFO; or CEO
Technology Services Up to 50k: CTO 
  More than £50k: UK GM; CTO; CFO; or CEO
HR/Finance (Employee contracts are excluded from this policy)  Up to £50k: Head of Commercial Finance; CPO; CFO or CEO
  More than £50k: CPO; CFO or CEO
Legal All contracts: Head of Legal; CFO
International Entities  Liberis US: Local General Manager; Head of Legal; CFO; or CEO 
  Liberis Europe: Local General Manager; Head of Legal; CFO; or CEO