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We provide the funding you need, when you need it. You only pay back when your customers pay you, through a small agreed percentage of your customer debit and credit card transactions.

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Finance designed for SMEs in the UK

If you’re searching for SME funding in the UK, you may find it a lengthy process as the market is saturated with lenders claiming to offer the perfect solution. Traditional avenues such as bank loans and Business Credit Cards are common considerations for businesses when they are researching sources of funding – and when you have big dreams and visions for your company, nothing should hold you back, not even SME funding options. 

Did you know there are more convenient ways for SMEs to access finance than heading to your local Highstreet banks? Forget lengthy turnaround times and stacks of paperwork; our Business Cash Advance is designed to work seamlessly with your business every step of the way. From its simple application process to its 70% approval rate, there’s a reason we have a 4 star rating on Trustpilot. 

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Fast & simple

  • Get a quick decision online without impacting your credit score

  • Receive your funding in as little as 24 hours

  • Once eligible, you can get funding again online or over the phone

Flexible payments

  • Funding from £2,500 to £300,000

  • One, agreed cost that never changes

  • Pay back as you earn through a small percentage of your customer card transactions

Ongoing support

  • We always listen carefully to offer you the best finance deals for your needs

  • 9/10 of our customers actively recommend us to others

  • Support available over the phone or on online chat from 9am-6pm, Monday - Friday. 

What is an SME business loan?

Simply put, SME loan products provide all-important funding to small businesses who may be looking to expand, purchase new marketing collateral, refurbish their premises or buy in a surplus amount of stock. SME funding options can often be much more affordable than business overdrafts or credit cards, which make them the ideal option if your hotel, restaurant, beauty salon or other small business needs a quick injection of cash. 

What are the benefits of SME funding?

Don’t let your business suffer if you need new stock, a bigger space or help getting through difficult seasonal months. SME business loans and other SME funding options can be that fast, straightforward and flexible solution you’ve been looking for. 

We know that many borrowing options on the market come with factors that are disadvantageous and potentially detrimental to small businesses, such as large APRs, fees & hidden charges as well as high monthly repayments. Which is why the Business Cash Advance could be exactly what your business needs – a quick and completely transparent option. 

Why a Business Cash Advance is an ideal solution for SMEs

Our Business Cash Advance is an alternative SME funding solution. It is essentially an advance of cash which is injected into your business and is based on future credit and debit card sales. The Business Cash Advance is also unsecured, meaning your home and personal possessions will never be at risk. If your business needs cash from £2,500 up to £300,000, you could receive a decision in no time at all, plus, we’ve made paying it back simple. Your repayments are a pre-agreed percentage of your business’ card transactions – this is our straightforward, cost-per-transaction process which means you only pay us back what your business earns.  

And, because payback is directly linked to card takings, it only occurs when your business is earning money, meaning you’ll never be caught out if your business is struggling for a short period. If, for some reason your cash advance takes longer to pay off, the original agreed repayment cost remains the same. No penalties or fees are added, because there’s no such thing as a late payment!

Other benefits of our SME funding option, the Business Cash Advance, are: 

  • Finance is available between £2.5K - £300K
  • There is just one fixed cost, agreed upon upfront
  • Unlike many loans, there are no hidden fees, penalties or additional costs. Ever.
  • You get free access to Handle, an all-in-one digital dashboard containing your credit data and online performance information
  • We’re supported by the UK Government-owned British Business Bank 

Why choose Liberis Finance?

There’s a reason thousands of SMEs are choosing alternative finance over more traditional means. Liberis offer SME funding for all purposes, whether you’re looking to spice up your business with a refurbishment, bridge your cashflow, or need to fund marketing initiatives to grow your business – and it’s an unsecured form of SME funding too, meaning your home’s never at risk.

With the Business Cash Advance, you won't ever be charged any penalties; there is no APR and there is just one fixed cost that supports your cash flow. 

You can get an instant quote, apply online in 5 minutes and get a decision in as little as 24 hours. Once you have your funds, your repayments will be small and automatic – taken effortlessly as a fixed percentage of your customer card takings. That means you’ll only ever pay us back when your customers pay you. It’s particularly beneficial for seasonal small businesses like Hotels or Pubs, because you’ll pay back less during quieter periods, and more when your takings are up.

Still unsure? Don’t take our word for it – read all about why our customers are happy they chose Liberis:

"As most small businesses would agree, the sustainability of cashflow can be put under a lot of pressure when dealing with fixed monthly repayments. But by paying as a percentage of my card takings, as I do with Liberis, means that I pay back only as I earn.” – David Moore, owner of Valley Cruises

How do I apply for the Liberis Business Cash Advance?

If you’ve been trading as a business for over 4 months and take, on average, more than £2.5k in card payments, you can Get A Quote today with no obligation or credit checks! If you’re accepted for a Business Cash Advance, you’ll only pay back what you can afford to – which we believe makes perfect business sense.

We try our best to approve every application we receive from businesses looking for an alternative SME function option. We approve in excess of a staggering 70% of businesses that apply and have provided more than £320m to over 10,000 companies all over the UK.

Whatever your need and reasons for this all-important cash injection, get a quote and decision today online in under 5 minutes. Or, if you would prefer to speak to someone, you can call one of our friendly and experienced team on 0330 017 4175 to find out if you would be accepted.

Don’t delay in taking your business where you want it to go and supporting it financially to reach new heights. Get a quote and decision online in under 5 minutes - all without impacting your credit score!

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