Diva Pets, Dog Groomers and Pet Supply Store


Having grown up helping out at his family’s shop - surrounded by dogs too! - business owner Wayne Briscoe had always had a passion for working the pet trade. And so, when the opportunity arose six years ago, he and his wife Dawn finally took the plunge and opened their very own dog grooming parlour and pet supply store: Diva Pets!

“As with any business, we had to put in months of perseverance without making so much as a penny,” says Wayne. “We just had to stick to our guns, but in time it really paid off. The last 2 or 3 years have been chock-a-block.”

As the years went by, the business grew – but so did the competition in the local area. To secure their spot as Doncaster’s top groomers, Wayne and Dawn had to think outside the box when it came to their products and services. For example, investing in new equipment like a jacuzzi spa bath to help their canine clients with arthritis or skin conditions.

And in order to make these improvements to the business, they would need to have the right funding in place too. That’s when they came to Liberis, to give our flexible Business Cash Advance a try!

“When we first spoke to Liberis two years ago, they were so easy to deal with – and have been ever since!” says Wayne. “Their Business Cash Advance just works for us. With their funding we’ve been able to keep one step ahead of everyone else, whether that be by building out our stock range or buying new equipment.”

“Whenever we need to refinance it’s quick, it’s simple, it’s easy. It’s all taken care of online and the cash transfer is quick. We personally don’t feel the repayments at all which really takes the sting out of borrowing too.”

Looking forward, Diva Pets will continue to meet demand and remain competitive by expanding their stock range and developing new service. As Wayne says, they’re aiming to make dogs even “cleaner, shinier and softer!”

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