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A cheaper alternative to a business credit card - business cash advance

Recent research shows that 61% of businesses with short-term cash flow problems are relying on bank overdrafts and business credit cards. In addition, 20% of businesses with less than £500k in annual turnover are using personal credit cards to fill the gap.

A Business Cash Advance is an alternative solution, offering flexibility, transparency and a quick and easy application process. It's an Advance Of Cash based on future credit and debit card sales. 

Pros and cons of business credit cards for short term finance problems

It’s easy to see the appeal of business credit cards if you’re a busy Small Business in need of working capital quickly, especially for everyday expenses like buying stock or equipment. That’s because no assets are required and it’s easy to qualify, even if your credit history is not well established. Plus, it’s pretty convenient, easy and speedy to get your hands on the credit.

However, business credit cards, like personal credit cards, must be used sensibly otherwise the consequences can be painful. It doesn’t take much for them to become another worry point for businesses trying to manage the ups and downs of cash flow. Here are the cons of business credit cards:

  • Costly – business credit cards can be an expensive way to get short term funding and interest (which is usually high and can add up quickly if the balance isn’t paid on time and in full every month). It’s very easy to over extend financially by going over the credit limit and incurring late fees or penalty payments.
  • Credit issues – late payment or difficulty in paying can add up to a negative credit report that is difficult to get rid of and can affect your ability to get other types of funding.
  • Security – business credit cards can easily be used fraudulently if stolen or the number is copied. Employees can also take advantage of them too if use isn’t monitored or a clear authorisation policy isn’t in place.

Whilst you may be in need of credit quickly, a business credit card or an extension of your business overdraft isn’t the only solution. There is an alternative funding option that won’t require fixed monthly repayments – a business cash advance.

Why choose a business cash advance over a business credit card?

Getting short term funding for your business doesn’t have be a compromise. A business cash advance has all of the benefits of a business credit card, but none of the disadvantages. It’s a small business funding solution that is simple, transparent and an easy way to get capital for your business to cover any expense. Here’s a few reasons why our customers choose us:

  • Payback is directly linked to card takings, it only happens when you earn, so there are no fixed monthly payments to worry about.
  • No penalties or fees ever, because there’s no such thing as late payment.
  • Apply in a matter of minutes, no extensive paperwork or business accounts needed.
  • Over 70% of businesses are approved.
  • You can get a decision in as little as 24 hours.
  • If the cash advance takes longer to pay off, the originally agreed repayment cost stays the same.

How it works

A business cash advance is a refreshing alternative to lending. Liberis provides advances of cash based on future credit and debit card sales. It is repaid via a pre-agreed percentage of your businesses card transactions.

Because payback is directly linked to card takings only, you'll pay your advance back when your business earns. And unlike many other forms of funding, your company or personal assets are safe!


The Liberis Business Cash Advance - Designed to help SMEs
  • Funding from £2.5k to £300k
  • One fixed cost; no APR, varying terms or penalty fees
  • A quick, easy and no hassle onboarding process
  • Higher approval rates than the banks
  • Flexible and painless repayments that support cash flow
  • 80% of customers use us again
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  • One fixed cost from as little at 9%
  • No APR or penalty fees
  • Get a fast decision online without impacting your credit score
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Liberis is a responsible financial provider. Liberis does not offer 'short-term loans'. The minimum expected duration of a Business Cash Advance is 120 days / 4 months and typical expected durations are 6-12 months. These business financing products are not consumer loans.