• Managing Your Money
    5 Ways To Manage Your Small Business Taxes

    With another tax year coming to a close, business owners will be working hard to maintain the running of their business while making sure they’re on top of their finances from the year just gone. So whether it’s your first time filling out your tax return or whether you simply want to get better at managing the process, we’ve put together a few tips to help you out!

  • Managing Your Money
    Get Started: Managing Cash Flow For Your Business

    Did you know that a huge 82% of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems? And 54% of SMEs say that experiencing cash flow problems is their biggest obstacle to business growth? Considering stats like these, it’ll come as no surprise that maintaining a healthy cash flow should be a priority for all businesses. And this month, we’re sharing just how to do it.

  • Managing Your Money
    Get Started: Best Practice in Managing Stock

    As a business owner, you’ll know that managing stock is about a lot more than having enough products on your shelves; it involves having the right amount of products at the right time, with as little ‘dead stock’ as possible too. And effectively controlling these variables can affect cashflow, customer satisfaction and wastage. So with that in mind, here are a few tips on how you can manage your stock all year round.

  • Managing Your Money
    Small Business Accounting Trends 2017

    Accounting is key to maintaining finances in every business. And over recent years, countless new trends in automation, collaboration and advice have made their way into the accounting space. This week we share just a few of them that have caught our eye – and that could benefit your business.

  • Managing Your Money
    Get Started: Budgeting For Your Small Business

    No matter their size, maintaining a healthy cashflow is essential to the prosperity of all businesses. With recent research by C2FO, finding that 54% of SMEs say that experiencing cashflow problems is in fact the biggest obstacle to their business growth. To help you take more control over your business and its growth, we’ve built this simple guide to breakdown everything you’ll need to know when budgeting for your small business.

  • Managing Your Money
    How Card Payments Work

    There are many benefits to both receiving and making card payments, especially when it comes to easing and speeding up the purchase process, but what actually goes on behind the scenes once the payment is taken?

  • Managing Your Money
    Be Smart: Insurance For Your Small Business

    Making an accurate choice in insurance it can not only protect your business properly, but help you to understand potential business risks, and help your business secure the confidence and support it needs to grow. Here’s our selection of tips and advice – and our Top 20 Tricky Insurance Terms Glossary! – to help you get started on protecting your business.

  • Managing Your Money
    Top 5 Invoicing Practices To Get Your Customers To Pay On Time

    It only takes one late payment to disrupt your cash flow, particularly if you're a small business that relies on getting paid by your customers each month in order to stay operational. Although these late payments can be near impossible to avoid, Liberis have put together some best practices you can adopt to increase your chances of getting paid on time.

  • Managing Your Money
    Planning ahead for the new tax year

    As the saying goes, there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes. The end of the tax year is one of the busiest times for businesses of all sizes and according to a study by the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses), Britain’s small companies spend half a billion pounds a year on tax admin.

  • Managing Your Money
    6 Must Know Tax Breaks For SMEs in 2015

    Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are set to benefit from £525million in tax relief this year through various tax breaks. The significant rise in available relief is linked to the role SMEs have played in boosting the economy and the increasing interest among investors.

  • Managing Your Money
    How to Stop Financial Headaches – CEO Insight

    You’ll know all too well the steep financial demands of running a business in a difficult environment, especially where getting finance can be difficult. We speak to our customers regularly about what gives them cause for concern and have pulled together some tips on how to overcome some of the key challenges so you can grow your business.

  • Managing Your Money
    Top Business Finance Tips for Independent Retailers

    Have you ever considered how your business finance plans compare to the big multinational corporations? Or whether you have a completely different set of financial problems altogether? The right answer is that no two businesses are the same. We understand that whether you deal in billions or hundreds, you still need to pay suppliers and staff as well as sell to customers. 

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