Social Media For Business Part 1: Facebook, the Social Media Giant

Over the next few weeks we will be giving you and your business tips on which social media platforms you should be using and why. Starting this week, with Facebook for Business.
59% of the UK’s population are actively using social media sites for an average time of 2 hours a day (We Are Social, Jan 2015). Using networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ could unearth a whole new audience and potentially generate new customers, both online and offline for you and your business.

Whether you want to promote a certain product, share updates and promotions, or target a completely new demographic, social media provides you with the opportunity to do so. As a small business owner, spreading the word about your company is of the utmost importance, and being active online allows you to directly communicate to your audience.

Every social media platform has its own benefits and disadvantages, therefore having a wide understanding of these is vital to ensure you’re using the correct platforms to your benefit. Dividing your time between all social media networks can become counterproductive, especially when you already have an endless task of running your business. 

Facebook For Business

As you’re more than likely aware, Facebook is the number one network globally for people to connect and share content. Having an active Facebook account allows you to update your followers with special offers, competitions, and capitalise on seasonal occasions. You can also use Facebook’s advert manager to target a carefully selected audience, for example, you can target a specific age group living in a certain town with precise interests.

A huge 57% of the UK’s population hold a Facebook account, translating into 36 million active Facebook users (Social Bakers, 2015). Having a profile can only drive awareness, encouraging users to align themselves with your page, before becoming a ‘fan’ and potentially a customer. Once a fan, that individual can share and comment on your content which will then become visible to their friends, extending your reach even further – accumulating more fans and so on. This is also great for existing customers as they can connect and keep updated with your organisation and what it has to offer.

How to get started?

When creating your page ensure you select the correct account profile. Setting up a page as a brand or a company will give you access to marketing tools.
We’d recommend you take a look around the Facebook Business page for some great tips and inspiration to help you manage your page.
You could begin by connecting with friends, family and people you know before broadening out.

In order to establish a great page, we’d recommend having a posting plan that best suits your target market:

  • Ensure your content is appropriate, compelling and unique to your industry.
  • Take a formal or more conversational friendly tone of voice. Remember everything you say resembles your brand’s personality.
  • Think about how many times a week/day you should post.
  • Ensure your response time to questions and queries is under 48 hours.
  • The secret to success in social media lies within its name: you need to be social.
  • Use Facebook insights to reveal the specific hours that yield better engagement.
  • Analyse and review your posts in order to see whether your audience reacts better to photos, videos or text posts.
  • All of these aspects are fundamental to your Facebook success.
  • Next week we will discuss the opportunities Twitter and Instagram could help to create for you and your business.



We Are Social

Social Bakers


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