Phobic Patients are a Big Market for Dentists


Improving the surgery

Anything that looks clinical can deter some people from going to the dentist. That's why many dental practices invest in cheerful or soothing decor or even opt to upgrade the building altogether. All of these efforts are designed to make the practice feel more welcoming, give it a modern image and put nervous patients at ease as much as possible. If cash flow is tight and the upgrade cost is too much for the practice's existing reserves, there are a number of unsecured business finance options available, such as business cash advances, overdrafts and business loans. The right configuration of money borrowed and repayments required will allow the practice to bring in extra customers and keep its finances healthy.

Clever marketing

We loved the idea that a new dental practice had in holding a competition to find the best smile in the local area. They held an event in the town's main shopping centre and offered a good cash prize to the winner. Even better, they arranged for the photos to be taken at the event, posted the smiles on their website and invited the public to vote. It worked because it highlighted a key benefit of visiting a dentist regularly - a great smile - and encouraged people to think of the dental practice as a friendly service rather than an unwanted obligation. It's hard to resist a welcoming smile.

Investing in the latest technology

Many people are afraid of the dentist because they dislike needles and believe that there will be a lot of pain during the treatment. Dental practices that can boast of innovations such as DVD glasses (so that patients can watch a film while they are in the dentist chair) and digital lasers have the ability to reassure fearful patients that everything is being done to make their visit as comfortable as possible. There's another reason why it’s commercially beneficial for dentists to be able to offer up-to-date technology, equipment and techniques. Patients who choose to pay on a private basis expect the best and will join the practice that has the widest range of services. These can include gold alloy crowns and porcelain laminate veneers – and some are venturing into facial fillers and wrinkle softening injections. These choices give the impression of an innovative, forward thinking practice that only offers the highest quality services to its patients. Of course, these types of technology require a level of investment that may be outwith the scope of the practice's finances but would help the small business to win a wider range of customers. While a business loan is certainly a solid option, expanding dental practices are also turning to business cash advances and peer-to-peer lending because they offer a greater chance of getting the small business finance they need.

Improving communications

According to Dental Fear Central's website, fear of the dentist is usually caused by previous bad experiences, learned behaviour from family members or the perception of loss of control. By communicating well with the local community – through websites, emails and blogs - and its target audience, the practice can help to reduce those common fears. Providing credible, easy to understand information may make nervous patients realise that what they thought to be true of dentists perhaps actually isn’t the case. A creative copywriter can help the practice to meet its commercial objectives by delivering the right message in a sympathetic but professional way. 

A Flexible Business Finance Alternative

As the conditions and regulations around applying for business grants become more stringent, business owners across the UK are looking for different business grant alternatives. At Liberis we don’t believe businesses should be going beyond the call of duty to secure funding for their business. That’s why we provide an affordable and fast small business grant alternative – a Business Cash Advance. Our alternative business grant product has been tailored around small and medium business’s needs, ensuring they have a steady and stable cash flow with the advance amount being cleverly repaid in line with how well the business is doing via their card transactions.

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