A Refreshing Alternative
to a Business Loan

Welcome to our Business Cash Advance, the only finance product which works with you to support your cash-flow and business needs.

  • Apply in minutes for £2.5k to £300k
  • Same day funding available
  • Decisions made on the phone
  • You pay back only as you earn
  • One clear cost (no APR)
  • No fees, charges or hidden costs. Ever.

Apply in a matter of minutes

Payback only as you earn

Decisons made on the phone

We’ve designed it for UK businesses

We’ve advanced over £75m to businesses like yours to help keep the tills of Britain ringing. We understand businesses need cash flow and constant investment to grow (or just survive). Whether you’re planning a refurbishment, buying next season’s stock or simply plugging a gap, our job is to help you access the funds you need (not judge what you want the money for).

We’ve been going since 2007 and it seems to be working…

£75m provided

70% of customers renew

Over 4,000 businesses

  • The reason for this kind of funding over this period was quite straightforward really. It gave us a nice cushion. The way that the loan as such is repaid, you’re not suddenly having to find X,Y and Z every week. It’s done very professionally and you work out your own way of dealing with your own cash flow scenarios, and it felt right at the time.

    Brenhan Magee – Broadway Bar & Grill

  • I started my business in May 1995 as a new and used motorcycle dealer and service centre. The workshop’s equipped for diagnostics, repairs and servicing plus specialist engineering jobs. All my employees love bikes and ride themselves. We’re happy to share our experience with customers over a cuppa. As the owner of a small business, I was pleased to deal with another company that kept things simple and friendly. I used my first advance in 2011 to re-do the flooring on the first floor and purchase new stock. Since then, I’ve been back several times to finance new stock, including a new van and other equipment. The advance has also helped the cash flow in quieter times. I’d recommend Liberis as a great alternative to the banks.

    Austin Holmes, Intamotorcycle Services Ltd

  • With any business, it takes time to establish yourself. In my second year I borrowed the cash to supplement my start-up costs and it was far easier than getting a loan from the bank. The best part was it was simple to set up. The staff at Liberis were excellent and happy to explain how it worked. The whole process was really smooth and went through quickly. Also, the fact that the money is deducted from your future card payments means there’s no pressure to meet a fixed repayment amount each month. I wanted to create a luxury, five-star service. So I had to be willing to put the money in. There were no problems with the second advance and I’d be happy to take another. Or recommend it.

    Matthew David, Matthew David Bespoke Hairdressing

  • “By buying equipment for procedures which generate income, we can improve cash flow, generate profit and pay back the money to Business Cash Advance. Continual investment is key to running a modern private dental practice. We have to continually move forward, whether it be equipment, premises refurbishment or updating your website and other marketing material. We were told about Business Cash Advance and have found it to be an an easy to use, flexible service that meets our needs. For example, by buying a large amount of titanium implants, we were able to carry out restorative dentistry on a number of clients’ teeth.

    Marcus Spry, Fresh Dental

What is a Liberis Business Cash Advance?

Simply put, it’s a friendly cash injection for your business, which you pay back only as you earn, through an agreed amount of your credit & debit card sales.

It’s up to you what you spend it on, and unlike a loan, there’s no APR or fixed payments, just one simple cost which we agree with you at the start.

Better still, your home & assets are safe. We don’t secure the advance against the things which matter the most. (Sigh of relief).

Your home stays safe
(it’s unsecured)

Apply in minutes – decisions made on the phone

Pay back only as you earn
(as linked to card sales)

Cash without the hassle. Or delay.

Unlike traditional finance, we’ve looked at all the things that matter to your businesses and built a product around you. Like understanding cash flow is critical, so fixed repayments and APRs just don’t work. And knowing your time is best spent running your business, not creating business plans and jumping through hoops.

One Simple Cost

We will agree with you upfront a cost for taking the business cash advance. We will then agree a percentage of your daily card takings which will be used to pay it back.

  • No fees, penalties or hidden charges. Ever.
  • You keep 100% of your cash income
  • In slow times, you pay back less and in good times you pay back more.
  • No other expenses (like legal or accounting set up fees)

Refreshingly friendly isn’t it?

As we’re big on being friendly, we’ve been looking for Britain’s Friendliest Business, to recognise those businesses who share our own values. And we’ve put £10k up for grabs for the winner.

We’re pleased to announce the award for 2014 has gone to the very worthy…


The Pheasant Inn


Helter Skelter Play Centre, Broadstairs


Commercial Group Cheltenham

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